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Our track record of over 20 million learners since inception (over 425,000 in the United Kingdom alone) is the fruit of three key principles that define our program.

Cisco are vendor agnostic. Students that undertake courses in the Cisco Networking Academy are being taught skills that are sought after by industry, and not being trained to their technology.

Cisco’s ecosystem of around 30,000 educators and 12,000 partner institutions worldwide (in the UK over 850 educators in around 300 institutions throughout the country), that range from NGOs working with vulnerable and disadvantaged populations, to prestigious engineering schools, and of course throughout vocational and further education has positioned us a known and trusted name in the education/training space.

Cisco have always seen learner outcomes as the point all of their content is conceived as an integral part of learning pathways have been conceived to be able to empower any learner irrespective of background and previous knowledge to start a new career, accelerate an existing one, or simply develop their knowledge.


Cisco’s new Skills For All offering provide the starting point to a career pathway to learners anywhere, anytime they so choose. In order to operationalise its value, Cisco have partnered with CERTIPORT to create two new entry level certifications: Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) in both networking and cybersecurity, both certifications being completely preparable by self-paced learning formats. Learn through free online tech courses in foundational topics such as Networking, Cybersecurity, Python, Networking and Data Science.


Cisco offer introductory courses to exciting opportunities in technology such as Introduction to Cybersecurity and English for IT 1. Each course is online, mobile-friendly, and self-paced. These courses are beginner-level with no pre-requisite knowledge.


Learners can access material in preparation for entry level jobs through the Cisco Networking Academy, equipping you with skills in fields such as networking, cybersecurity and programming. Many courses align to industry certifications and can be undertaken through free online classes. This includes the Cybersecurity Essentials and Networking Essentials pathways, aligned to the CCST Cybersecurity and Networking certifications.

How do I approach tech learning?

By setting this direction, you can then branch out your learning to a related area to get enough competence to move into a position in that field.

With so many resources and learning pathways available, it can be difficult to find the right choice. There is no single ”correct” answer, but instead one that best suits your interests and career aspirations.


Make a start on learning by picking a career path or topic that most interests you. Look at the list of technologies and skills the role requires and pick one you don’t know.


Consider whether you are enjoying the process and whether you’re getting value out of the learning experience. If not, pivot to something different – this may be a different course, platform or even career learning path.


Consistently keep learning and upskilling and use potential roles to identify further skills you can build on and develop. This will also help you better understand how the role works.

Take the leap.

Once you’ve found a role you’re interested in, explore the platforms available to you.

These platforms offer a wide range of training resources and material that can help you achieve your learning goals and set you up for your desired career path.

What learning should I be looking for?

The offers available to you cover a wide range of skill levels and topics, and it may be difficult navigating where to start and what to material you should be looking for. Below you can find guidance help you make a start on your learning journey.



Salesforce offer a wide range of fundamental training materials, both related to the tech industry as well as soft business skills that can kickstart your learning and grow your understanding of digital skills. If you’re curious about tech more specifically, and wish to pick up on some system agnostic foundational tech topics, such as networking or cybersecurity, Сisco offer introductory courses you can select, and then further material you can follow if you wish to continue learning more.

Completely new and don’t know where to begin? Get started with some fundamental tech and business skills!



Are good places to start for content aimed at total beginners, or those with a limited tech background. If you are interested in fields such as cybersecurity and networking, Cisco offer system agnostic learning courses that are sought after by industry. Salesforce cover a large range of careers over all of the five main categories, specialised in the Salesforce platform.



Oracle offers material aimed at learners with a background in IT or a technology-based degree and provide a range of learning opportunities and certifications to further your career.



Advanced learning material is available by following your learning/chosen career pathway on Сisco, Oracle and Salesforce

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