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The UK-Ukraine TechBridge

A strategic partnership between the UK Government, Ukraine Ministry of Digital Transformation and Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs to forge connections between our tech eco-systems

The UK-Ukraine TechBridge, first announced at the Ukraine Recovery Conference in 2023 by the UK Prime Minister, aims to connect UK and Ukrainian tech businesses, build resilience and continue the development of a thriving Ukrainian tech sector despite the challenges of war.

The UK-Ukraine TechBridge will support the delivery of new business-to-business and business-to-government engagement through in-person and virtual events, and provide guidance for businesses and individuals interested in working in the UK or Ukraine.

It is being implemented in partnership with industry and academia from the UK and Ukraine to create new opportunities across four pillars: skills, innovation, trade and investment.


We promote training and guidance to help build new technical and business skills for career development.


We facilitate workshops to create technological solutions to address existing industrial challenges.


We work to break down barriers and bring businesses together from both nations to prosper from mutual growth through events and guidance.


We are running an Investment Accelerator Programme for a cohorot of Ukrainian tech SMEs looking to expand their business to receive training and the opportunity to pitch to investors.



Cyber security

Health tech


Energy tech

Defence tech

Ed tech



Digital skills


Online safety

Internet of Things

Hardware and manufacturing



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The UK-Ukraine TechBridge will be reviewed at the end of 2025 to evaluate its output and impact, and future allocation of resources.

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