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How the UK is supporting the Ukraine tech community

The launch of a TechBridge between UK and Ukraine allow IT experts from each country to collaborate and share experiences

January 15, 2024

You may not assume that an online IT tuitioncourse could have a big impact on the war on Ukraine – but technology isplaying a vital role in Ukraine’s defence againstPutin’s illegal invasion.

The government recognises the significantplace tech holds in Ukraine’s defence and recovery, which is why we havecreated a TechBridge between the UK and Ukraine, which is officially launchingin London today alongside Ukraine’s deputy minister for digital transformation,Oleksandr Bornyakov.

This initiative will support the resilienceand accelerate the growth of Ukraine’s dynamic tech sector, and help to createlong-lasting, commercially driven partnerships between the UK and Ukraine thatare good for trade.

Ukraine has a thriving tech economy. Not onlyhas the sector been instrumental in Ukraine’s defence in Putin’s illegalwar, supporting key sectorssuch as cyber security, healthcare and agriculture, but it willplay an equally important role in its future recovery.

But the TechBridge has huge potential forboth of our economies, and the UK can learn a lot from Ukraine.

By harnessing the power of collaboration,we’re encouraging businesses from both countries to share their strengths andexpertise to promote greater innovation and deliver mutually beneficialopportunities for Ukrainian and British companies.

With this in mind, the TechBridge programmehas been structured around four key pillars for economic success: skills, innovation,trade and investment.

One major aspect underpinning all of theseareas is knowledge sharing, and the TechBridge is only being made possiblethrough the generosity and expertise of the UK tech industry.

For example, online training and workshopsprovided pro bono by UK tech companies are providing in-person and onlineexpert discussions for Ukrainian businesses looking to develop their skills.Tech-focused trade and investment events will also promote knowledge sharingbetween the UK and Ukraine tech sectors.

Regular business delegations and aninvestment accelerator pilot, matching budding Ukrainian tech entrepreneurswith UK-based mentors and investors, will also be key elements of theTechBridge programme. These will connect key tech stakeholders from botheconomies, and ultimately lead to stronger business relationships.

I am incredibly excited to see whattheTechBridge programme will deliver over the coming months for both Ukrainianand UK businesses, solidifying the UK as a key ally insupporting Ukraine’s recovery.

By Nusrat Ghani, Department of Business andTrade


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