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Skills Programme

Resources to support Ukrainian citizens' learning and career development in tech.

The Skills and Development Programme helps Ukrainian citizens access training and opportunities to continue professional development despite disruption caused by the ongoing conflict.

It is essential to keep up to date with trends and skills to access jobs. This will be a hub for users to access free training and guidance, supporting both new and experienced individuals.

If you are a tech firm / UK business and wish to get involved, please get in touch with us below.

Learning Opportunities


Access free resources and learn at your own pace.


In-person events covering tech as well as UK business operations including laws, regulations and tax, as well as entrepreneurial and marketing.

Accreditations & Qualifications

Opportunities to gain globally recognised professional and academic accreditations.

Virtual Learning

Click each company’s logo to find out about their resources and accreditation and access training courses.

Not sure where to begin? Find out more about careers in tech below.

How do I approach tech learning?

By setting this direction, you can then branch out your learning to a related area to get enough competence to move into a position in that field.

With so many resources and learning pathways available, it can be difficult to find the right choice. There is no single ”correct” answer, but instead one that best suits your interests and career aspirations.


Make a start on learning by picking a career path or topic that most interests you. Look at the list of technologies and skills the role requires and pick one you don’t know.


Consider whether you are enjoying the process and whether you’re getting value out of the learning experience. If not, pivot to something different – this may be a different course, platform or even career learning path.


Consistently keep learning and upskilling and use potential roles to identify further skills you can build on and develop. This will also help you better understand how the role works.

Take the leap.

Once you’ve found a role you’re interested in, explore the platforms available to you.

These platforms offer a wide range of training resources and material that can help you achieve your learning goals and set you up for your desired career path.

What learning should I be looking for?

The offers available to you cover a wide range of skill levels and topics, and it may be difficult navigating where to start and what to material you should be looking for. Below you can find guidance help you make a start on your learning journey.



Salesforce offer a wide range of fundamental training materials, both related to the tech industry as well as soft business skills that can kickstart your learning and grow your understanding of digital skills. If you’re curious about tech more specifically, and wish to pick up on some system agnostic foundational tech topics, such as networking or cybersecurity, Сisco offer introductory courses you can select, and then further material you can follow if you wish to continue learning more.

Completely new and don’t know where to begin? Get started with some fundamental tech and business skills!



Are good places to start for content aimed at total beginners, or those with a limited tech background. If you are interested in fields such as cybersecurity and networking, Cisco offer system agnostic learning courses that are sought after by industry. Salesforce cover a large range of careers over all of the five main categories, specialised in the Salesforce platform.



Oracle offers material aimed at learners with a background in IT or a technology-based degree and provide a range of learning opportunities and certifications to further your career.



Advanced learning material is available by following your learning/chosen career pathway on Сisco, Oracle and Salesforce

Careers in tech

Jobs in the tech sector are expected to grow exponentially. The increased adoption of new and emerging technologies across all sectors is driving job growth, with technology skills in applicants paramount. All companies, and all employees, in one way or another, need to transform to keep up with the future of work.

According to the World Economic Forum, humans working with machine algorithms will lead to 97 million new roles by 2025, and more than 50% of the global workforce (1 billion people) will need to be reskilled by 2030. The gap in digital skills is expected to widen as technology becomes an essential element of our daily working lives.

Digital skills are essential in today's job market, even outside the technology sector. Our TechBridge partners offer training resources that provide transferable skills for your future career.

There are a wide range of careers in technology

Explore career options in the technology sector with our range of recommended roles. If you're interested in pursuing a career in any of the areas listed below, we suggest focusing your training on these. Training requirements vary across companies to meet their unique needs. Our TechBridge partners offer resources to help you pursue a career in various technology sector jobs.

IT Support

IT specialists help solve problems for both internal and external customers and see the impact of their work every day. With expertise in one or more areas, they have a deep understanding of how information systems are used.

Data Scientists & Researchers

Data scientists and researchers play a critical role in innovation and progress, using their technical expertise to find solutions to complex problems. They help clients leverage data to achieve their business goals.

System Managers, Analysts, Administrators

System managers, analysts, and administrators are responsible for the smooth operation of IT systems, ensuring they align with the company's business goals. They drive the analysis and collection of information to improve services.

Programmers & Developers IT Support

Programmers and developers build applications and solutions for their own or other companies, with frequent interaction with business stakeholders togather feedback. They solve complex problems with core programming languages, working closely with code.

Customer-facing Technical Roles IT Support

Customer-facing roles, such as customer engineers, solutions architects, or customer success managers, serve as advisors to help customers solve business problems. With a deep understanding of technology solutions, they provide guidance on the best course of action.

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